Baking the bread is an art.

Why am I writing this page ? Because it is so hard to find any decent consumable bread. Now that we depend on the factories the bread becomes more and more untasteful every day. And still we have to pay more and more. I only know what a good bread tastes like from my  memory.  It has been decades ago.     It seems people are no longer interested in what they eat. They are absorbed by the internet and with the little buttons they have to push, but a vision about how we should live is hardly ever heard.   More technology I suppose ? We should live in freedom and in healthy circumstances. That is a minimum !  But where is our freedom to protest ? Because of a so-called war situation we are asked to be silent ? The journalists gather to talk to us about the hell in Afghanistan. I want my bread back that I was used to eat before a long time.Because it tasted and it had taste. If we go to hell at least with good bread !


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