Brexit and the Rise of the International Language Esperanto

Oni ankorau esperas al la enkondukon de Esperanto !

The Autarkist

As the Roman Empire collapsed and slowly became obsolete, its components became increasingly independent of each other and fractured. In the large scheme of things, the exit of Britain from the European Union is beginning to look like one of the final blows to the old British Empire, which had regained some momentum as English became a dominant second language in Europe in recent decades. Brexit now leaves Europe with less than one percent of English speakers, and feels like a huge chuck of ice breaking off and leaving Greenland or Antarctica: it’s an event that triggers a long-term paradigm shift that is not immediately evident.

Northern Ireland and Scotland, two of the constituent countries of what is now the United Kingdom, voted to remain within the European Union and now have a tough decision to make. Independence movements in both countries are beginning to prepare platforms that would lead to their…

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