Was the shooting down of MH17 a false-flag operation?

The Dutch Press -bought by neoliberals- still wants to blame Putin for it. When will we all wake up to the truth ?

The PROFESSORS' BLOG – Science, Culture & Human Rights For All

Note by The Professors’ Blog: We publish here a version in Englishmw to  TPB of  the analysis around the MH-17 crash, written by the Swedish cultural personality and prize-winner film director Maj Wechselmann[photo at right]. An introductory analysis to this theme [M Ferrada de Noli, “Facts and Libel – A false-flag at expense of 290 civilian lives would be a double war crime”] has been published at SWEDHR Research & Reports, a publication by Swedish Doctors for Human Rights, SWEDHR.

The Professors’ Bloghas published, since august 2014, aperiodical updatewith investigations around the causes of the MH-17 crash; those reports suggest overwhelmingly that the MH17 would have been shot down by a jet fighter. The present article – to which The Professors’ Blog (TPB) have added further graphics and a brief comment – was originally publishedin Swedish at

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