Ex IMF Boss ‘Pimp Straus’ and ‘Prince Andrew Pedo of York’ take care of the Bilderberg festival activity.

Nieuws over Bilderberg, Interview met Kissinger (92 jaar oud)

Volksnieuws uit Amsterdam-Noir

( van our International secret Elite Gangster section)

AMSTERDAM-NOIRThe Illuminati: Greece and the European Revolution. The ‘Bilderberg Elite-Gangster’ meeting was startedPedo Duke Thursday in Austria and they let themselves protected by more than 2000 policeman paid by de common people they robed. And that is bizarre, because the ‘Bilderberg crime group’ is good for more than a million years of Jail,  if the Rule of Law was applied in the Western countries. They have agreed not to talk about the fact, that they are responsible for six million kids dying  every year from hunger. That would only spoiled there apetite and pleasure. (U.N. chief: Hunger kills 17,000 kids daily)

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