Why Arming Ukraine Extrapolates War Versus Russia

Misschien dat de VS ooit inziet dat Europa geen kolonie is van de USA, maar waarschijnlijk komt mijn waarschuwing te laat, ik zie beren op de weg…….

The PROFESSORS' BLOG – Science, Culture & Human Rights For All

By Prof. Marcello Ferrada de Noli


Any informed person starting by President Obama, understands that a NATO escalation by means of arming Ukraine is equated with serious risk of a military response from Russia.

nyt twitter underlinedMy point being that a new war-scenario of such dimension has never been on place on earth since the missile crisis in Cuba in the sixties. There, no one doubted that we were in the brink of declaration of war, and nobody could exclude a nuclear confrontation with the perspective of an holocaust.

Could anyone argue that the situation in those respects is not even worse now, amidst this re-edition of the cold war where its new “epicentre is right on the Russian borders”? Why the eventual proximity of missiles in Cuba would be assessed as risk for nuclear all-war but not the actual presence of NATO-assisted and armed troops, not in the proximity of…

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