More USA interference in Europe, this time Macedonia

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US Warns Macedonia Not to Muzzle Media in ‘Coup’ Scandal, only the U.S. can do that

US Warns Macedonia Not to Muzzle Media in ‘Coup’ Scandal

Reuters) – The United States cautioned Macedonia on Friday against silencing the media in a growing scandal over coup charges against the government’s chief opponent.

Opposition leader Zoran Zaev was charged last week with conspiring with a foreign intelligence service to topple the government. He had threatened for months to publish evidence of what he says is criminal wrongdoing by the conservative government of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.

Zaev’s Social Democrats say the charges will not stop them going public. But the state prosecutor told journalists this week that they faced punishment for publishing material “that may become the subject of further criminal proceedings”.

The U.S. embassy in Macedonia issued a statement expressing “concern” at the warning and stressing the media’s role in presenting…

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