NP5 The New Power of Crafters is Growing

Alternatieve vaklieden zijn nog steeds groeiende in bekwaamheden

The Connectivist

Big book of Maker skills

Yes, the work of craftsman and craftswomen, who together are called “Crafters”, is getting successful. The things they do cover a very wide area of tinkering in garages, FabLabs of the “Maker Movement”, sharing and growing food on roofs (NL: #daklandbouw), coworking spaces, painting classes, energy sustainability neighborhood learning and construction groups, etc. for DIY, household, and village selfsupport and prosumer mutual assistance. It now also includes the low cost 3D printer operation and shareware, lasercutter TNC programs, Arduino microcontroller electronics & sensor/actuator cards and Raspberry Pi computer programming. Away from mass produced junk for consumers. Enter sharing of high quality foods and stuff for self supporting communities. The demand side of society is getting organised !

Roof green

Kids love it !! And older craftsmen retired from factories enjoy to show their skills and tacit knowledge (tips and tricks you have to learn while doing).

And yes there is also a…

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